PTSO Discusses Bus Drivers’ Appreciation, Thanksgiving Luncheons, and More

At the Nov. 10 meeting, PTSO board members and parents discussed monthly updates and initiatives they have taken in the past month, including staff lunches and bus driver appreciation, since the last time they met.


Sruthi Sakala via Canva

On Nov. 3, the PTSO met to focus on staff members and the adults that contribute to improving the school community. It highlighted bus drivers, teachers, and the Parent Liaison and introduced plans for fall celebrations to appreciate the hard work everyone has been putting in.

Aarohi Motwani and Sruthi Sakala

On Nov. 3, the PTSO held their monthly meeting where board members and parents discussed updates in the school and community. They provided an update on a previous event they had earlier in the year, the Best Runners 5K. Best Runners donated a total of $1,600 to the PTSO to help fund community and school-wide events. PTSO and Best Runners are also planning on holding another 5K later this year due to the request of students who had expressed interest in this potential event.

With the support of the PTSO, administrators and teachers also recently honored the bus drivers with a customized tumbler and a breakfast reception in the library. The PTSO president expressed the generous amounts of support the bus drivers have provided to the school and the role of getting the students to and from school have been “amazing.” 

In addition to sponsoring the bus driver appreciation reception and the customized tumblers, the PTSO is also sponsoring a Thanksgiving luncheon for the staff to kick off the holiday season. They will provide a variety of holiday food to show appreciation to the teachers for all the work they have put in so far this year. Financial Technician Dianne Mercil who was one of the many people who organized the annual Thanksgiving luncheon. “We decided that we need to have a luncheon for everyone to create a bond between the different departments,” Mercil said. “Most departments probably stay in their workrooms and eat together, and do their own businesses, so for Thanksgiving we try to get [everyone] together.”

Lastly, they discuss how PTSO is partnering with RRHS Parent Liaison, Sophia Saib, to request members of our community to donate grocery stores or VISA gift cards that can be used to help families in need during this holiday season. 

The next PTSO meeting will be held in the library on Dec. 1.