Seniors Appreciate Last Moments at Their Final Home Game

On Nov. 4, Phoenix members of the marching band, cheer, and varsity football programs were celebrated at their last home football game of the season. The Phoenix narrowly lost to the Lightridge Bolts with a score of 35-34.


Smrithi Balakumar

Senior Ethan Strine gets in position for the next play. “Even our juniors, sophomores, our younger guys, it really felt like all of our last games, even though they have next year and the year after,” Strine said. “It was just a team that we were all a part of. This whole season was very memorable for all of us.”

On Nov. 4, the Phoenix Varsity football team played their last regular season home game against the Lightridge Bolts. Prior to the game, seniors in cheer, marching band, and football were honored for their hard work and commitment to their programs. 

Within 15 seconds of the first quarter, the Bolts scored a touchdown and earned an extra kick. This created pressure on the Phoenix, and senior Malachi Tomlin-Younger responded by bringing the Phoenix up 7-6, just behind the Bolts. The Bolts managed to score another touchdown and extra kick, while senior Abhi Konduri completed a pass. The first quarter ended 14-13, with the Bolts in the lead.

A touchdown to start the second quarter put the Phoenix in the lead, 19-14. Halfway into the quarter, the Bolts managed to score another touchdown and extra point, making the score 21-19, Bolts in the lead.  

Halftime gave the Phoenix time to rest and plan out for the third and fourth quarter. As the third quarter started, within the first 20 seconds, Tomlin-Younger scored a touchdown along with receiving an extra kick. However, the ball was caught by the time it went through the field post. The score was 27-21, Phoenix in the lead. Near the end of the quarter, senior Nathaniel Bodman scored another touchdown, bringing the score to 34-21. “It really meant a lot,” Bodman said. “We were ten yards from the goal line, [and were] able to score on that last touchdown. [It] was nice.”

In the last two minutes of the fourth quarter, the Bolts scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 35-34 and winning the game after a hard-fought contest..  Despite the loss, Athletic Director Pat McNanley complimented the team on their efforts in the game and throughout the season. “I’m just proud of all the young men that came out and fought hard for 10 games, stayed positive, and supported each other,” McNanley said. “I couldn’t be more proud to be at Rock Ridge with these kids.”