School Board Discusses Gun Safety Awareness, Pride Month Proclamation, and Zone Changes

On May 23, the School Board made changes to various policies involving accepting proclamations for months of awareness and zone changes, also hosting an interesting public comment with various people discussing issues.


Amelia Chen

At their second meeting of the month, the school board discussed new course recommendations for current CTE courses, gun awareness and LGBTQ+ month.

Hylay Assefa and Bhargav Kuniki

On May 23, the Loudoun County School Board met to discuss  firearm awareness, pride month proclamations, and zone changes. The main topics addressed were the expansion of funding for CTE courses and course recommendations. They also discussed awareness in regard to the LGBTQ+ community within Loudoun County, and a gun awareness day, which is on the first Friday of June.

During the meeting, the recognition of June becoming an official pride month to celebrate the students who identify with the LGBTQ+ community was presented. While the proclamation was initially presented during the school board meeting on May 9, it officially became an action item on May 23. This means that educators and LCPS staff will commit to making students feel included and continue to embrace the diversity within Loudon County schools.

Next, the adoption of new course recommendations for current CTE courses, which includes securing more funding for CTE courses that are offered county-wide was presented. This will cost about 4.25 million dollars for phase one, but phase two’s budget depends on the school year. This will allow CTE courses to become more accessible to more students furthering their education.

Another topic discussed in the meeting was the elementary school attendance zone change process in the Tuscorara crossing. The proposed action was to adopt the recommended attendance zone change to assign the Tuscarora Crossing development to John W. Tolbert, Jr. Elementary School. The adopted change would take effect immediately. The attendance zone they are proposing aligns with other plans to enhance educational excellence through building meaningful relationships with families and the community. However, in Tuscarora Crossing, which is a 250-acre mixed-use development just outside the Town of Leesburg, zoning is still a prominent issue for residents. 

This past January marked the 10-year anniversary since  Hadiya Pendleton was tragically shot and killed one week after performing at President Obama’s second inauguration. In remembrance, many people wear orange on June second to remember those who died or were victims of gun violence. On May 23, the school board officially recognized June 13 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The next school board meeting will be held on June 13.