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  • 9/26: Clash of the Classes Kickball Game
  • 9/27: Hallway Decorating
  • 9/26-9/29: Spirit Week & Pep Rally
  • 9/29: Tailgate & Homecoming Football Game
  • 9/30: Homecoming Dance
  • 10/9: School Holiday (Indigenous People's Day)
  • 10/13: Senior Breakfast
The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Kicking off the School Year With Spirit Week

From Sept. 5 to 8, students of all grades participated in the first spirit week of the year. From Adam Sandler Day to Barbie Day, spirit week saw strong participation from all classes and concluded with a Tropical Out pep rally.
Shivu Sathe
Junior Ruth Gemechu guides her blindfolded partner, junior Kailyn Fetterman, as they try to stack cups.

Tuesday – Adam Sandler Day

The first spirit day of the year kicked off with Adam Sandler Day. Students dressed up in oversized shirts and shorts and wore hats that resembled the style of the actor. “[Spirit week] is fun; it’s probably going to be my last chance to [participate] before college applications,” senior Manasvi Sharma said. “This year is going to be a lot of work — especially the first semester — so it’s just something fun [to do].”

SCA hosted lunch games where students from each grade level competed to win spirit points for their class during lunch. The lunch game on Tuesday was Musical Chairs. 

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Wednesday – Barbie Day

Bejeweled boots, glittery dresses, and pink tops filled the hallways as students dressed up in their best Barbie outfits. Barbie Day brought out creativity in students and staff alike in preparation for the football game on Friday. “I decided to dress up today because I like pink, and because I like wearing dresses,” junior Keya Kocherla said. “I’m planning to dress up [for the rest of the week, too]. I also think I’m going to the football game and the tailgate.”  On Tuesday, during the lunch game, students fought for spirit points by playing trivia, which was a mix of general knowledge questions and Barbie questions. 

Thursday – Squad Day

Reminiscent of “Twin Day,” Squad Day was an opportunity to grab friends and match outfits in groups of two or more. Students had a blast taking pictures with their friends in their matching outfits. The lunch game on Thursday was blindfolded cup-stacking. The staff also participated in this spirit day, with the English staff all wearing blue, the admin team wearing M&M T-shirts, and the history department dressing in “Crayola” shirts. 

Friday – Tropical Out

Students dressed in colorful leis and tropical Hawaiian shirts, to end the week strongly and to cheer on the football team at the home game against Strasburg High School. The lunch game on Friday was “Finish the Lyric,” where students competed to win spirit points for their class by finishing song lyrics from artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, and Pitbull. To conclude the week, SCA hosted the first pep rally of the year, where teachers competed in a friendly game of musical chairs, and each class tried to win the Spirit Stick by cheering the hardest. Chemistry teacher Kyle Hayne won musical chairs, and the seniors won the Spirit Stick.

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Ananya Karthik, Staff Writer
Ananya Karthik is a sophomore who is taking her first year of Newspaper. She joined the newspaper because she loves to write and wants to pursue journalism in the future. Ananya spends most of her time singing and playing the guitar. Singing and songwriting encourages her to express herself in a different way; it helps her “escape.” She loves singing anything by singer- songwriter Taylor Swift. Ananya brings her voice to Rock Ridge’s very own “Rockapella” club where she loves to have fun with her singing community.
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Maya Coleman is a sophomore and a first year member on staff. Besides newspaper, she is a proud second year member of the school's chorus program. Maya joined staff because she enjoys writing occasionally, but mainly during quick writes where she has the freedom to creatively express herself. This school year, she is looking forward to participating more in spirit weeks and bringing her classes overall spirit points up. In her free time, Maya likes to read a good book (a physical one because she just doesn't like to read on her phone), and hang out with her friends outside of school.
Rachel Adams, Staff Writer
Rachel Adams is a junior. This is her second year on staff as a writer. She is part of the girls tennis team and also plays tennis outside of school. Her favorite hobbies include baking, hiking, crocheting, and reading. Her favorite series is Agatha Christie, but she loves all genres. When she graduates high school she hopes to get into aviation, specifically piloting commercial planes. She has only been on a plane twice, but she knew this was something she wanted to do for a career almost right away. Rachel is looking forward to another great year with new experiences and challenges to overcome.
Shaila Patel, Staff Writer
Junior Shaila Patel is a staff writer on "The Blaze." She joined newspaper in the hopes she could explore something different that she might use in the future and to be in a new environment that she's never experienced before. In Patel's free time, she enjoys reading, dancing and running. This is her first year on cross country with Rock Ridge. When asked to give advice to anyone, Patel said, " It's not the mistakes we make, but how we learn from them and how it defines us."

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