Boys Lacrosse: Tying for Victory

As the Phoenix boys lacrosse team went into their third game of the season against the Annandale Atoms, they were ready to put up a fight for a victory. Although tensions were high throughout the entire game, the two teams ended with a tie of 2-2.

On March 21, the Phoenix JV boys lacrosse team went up against the Annandale Atoms, ending the game at a stalemate of  2-2. Starting off the game strong, sophomore Benjamin Block scored the first goal. Block’s highlight of the game was “just putting numbers on the board and scoring first.” 

As the game went on, junior Tyler Valdov scored the second point for the Phoenix. However, throughout the game, the Atoms put up a fight and were able to catch up to the Phoenix. This caused tensions to be high throughout the entire game. Both teams were striving for the win, but the game ultimately ended in a tie. 

Although neither team won, the Phoenix were still able to keep their head up high and plan for their future games. The team ended the night by coming together during their huddle and discussing what they needed to improve on for the next game. After careful review, sophomore goalie Joseph Strano was given the title of M.V.P. for the game, due to his ability to defend the ball and his sportsmanship throughout the game.