Phoenix Send the Panthers Home in Flames

On Sept. 15, the Phoenix girls varsity volleyball team took on the Panthers, with a home game win of 3-0.


Sarah Baig

After winning a point for the Phoenix, sophomore Lola Aquilar serves the ball to the Panthers and starts the next point.

Sarah Baig and Rachel Adams

Coming off of a loss at the home game against the Dominion Titans on Sept. 13, the Phoenix gym was filled with supporters as the varsity team prepared to take on the Panthers on Sept 15. The student section was packed with junior varsity and freshman players as well as friends, yelling and cheering on their fellow teammates.

Junior Isha Uppalli is the team libero. She has played volleyball for the school since her freshman year. Uppalli is very supportive of her teammates and is constantly improving. “Since freshman year, overall my serve-receive has improved,” Uppalli said. “This season I [with the team] hope to win states.”

The game was fast paced and kept the crowd on their toes with long points and high spikes. The players on the bench added their own funny chants by doing little acting bits. The excitement around the court elevated when the players themselves got excited. Everyone shared the emotion and passion for the sport, spectators and all.

Although the Panthers put up a tough fight, the Phoenix won all three sets in quick time: the first set 25-6, the second set 25-12, and the third set 25-18, marking the Phoenix’s win.