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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Free Throws and Four-Point Plays: A New Phoenix Rises to the Challenge

On Feb. 1, the Phoenix girls basketball team went up against the Dominion Titans in a tough battle. Empowered by freshman Eryn Chemoiwa’s significant effort, the Phoenix won the game 45-43, as she broke the girls basketball scoring record and tied the record for the most three-point shots made in a game.
Bella Gerardi
The team celebrates their win against the Titans in a huddle around star player of the night, Eryn Chemoiwa, congratulating her on her accomplishments.

On Feb. 1, the Phoenix girls basketball team went head-to-head against the Dominion Titans in a close battle. The game tipped off with the Phoenix holding a strong lead, but the Titans eventually caught up as the third quarter approached. The game ended with a win for the Phoenix, 45-43. On top of gaining another win for their season, freshman point guard Eryn Chemoiwa rose from the heat of the game, breaking the scoring record as well as tying the record for the most three-point shots made in a game.

The game started off with the Phoenix scoring three quick layups to set the score 6-0. The Titans then scored a layup, making the score 6-2. Chemoiwa went on to score nine points in the first quarter, along with junior Kalen Walker who scored two. Toward the end of the quarter however, the Titans started to catch up, keeping the game close as the first quarter ended with a tally of  11-7.

The second quarter started off slow for the Phoenix, with the Titans scoring a layup and two free throws. Diby then started to heat up, scoring two layups in the quarter. In the midst of the tense game, Chemoiwa hit a three point shot, her first of many for the night. The Titans then had a four-point play, ending the quarter 18-17 with the Phoenix up. 

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Entering the second half, the Phoenix were motivated to extend their lead on the Titans. Chemoiwa and Walker did just that. As the third quarter started, Chemoiwa was fouled by a Titans defender, giving her the opportunity to create a small gap in the score. The Titans responded with a layup, but the Phoenix fought back and made another three point shot, Chemoiwa’s second of the game. 

As the end of the quarter neared, Chemoiwa was fouled while launching  a three from the wing. Aftermaking both the initial shot and her  free throw, the four-point play helped the Phoenix end the third quarter 32-26.

Throughout the fourth quarter, the Phoenix gained a major lead over the Titans of  32-26. While the Titans started off the scoring in the quarter with a layup, the Phoenix responded with their own points in the form of two free throws. The Titans then scored two layups and a three-pointer in the following possessions, with sophomore Lucy Cho making a layup as well as Chemoiwa, making two layups. Chemoiwa then hit a three pointer, tying the three-point record. 

Chemoiwa is proud her hard work paid off to gain those new records. “I think it’s really rewarding,” Chemoiwa said. “Since we put in a lot of effort and work during the season, it showed off.” Walker and the rest of the team celebrated Chemoiwa’s record break with strong support and excitement. “I feel incredibly proud,” Walker said. “She’s been working all her life doing AAU and [in her] first year breaking records is just proof of how good she is.”

The score was 43-35, and the Titans started to make their comeback. The Titans played aggressively and scored a few points to set the score  43-40. With three minutes left on the clock, a Titan scored a three-pointer, tying the game. In the last 60 seconds, Chemoiwa was fouled on the three point line. Pressure rose as she went to shoot her three free throws. The first one went in, putting the Phoenix in the lead 44-43. Chemoiwa prepared to shoot again as the clock ticked down. Making the second free throw, but not the third, the game was back in motion for a matter of seconds before the buzzer went off, ending the game. The game ended with the Phoenix winning 45-43.

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