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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Judges Sentence Phoenix to Loss

On Jan. 12, the Phoenix girls basketball team faced the John Handley Judges at the home of the Phoenix. Despite the Phoenix putting up a good fight, the Judges took over, winning the match-up 63-21.
Shaila Patel
Sophomore Lucy Cho (left) and senior Isabella Lopez (right) fight for the jump ball in the hands of a Judge. “Individually I realized that if I put more emphasis on defense, then I could contribute more to the team,” Lopez said. “As a big and being 5 feet 6 inches, I was getting blocked like crazy by girls who are 6 feet [tall].”

Currently in the midst of one of their best seasons in recent years, the Phoenix girls basketball team went up against a strong opponent, the John Handley Judges, on Friday, Jan. 12. Missing a few key players from their roster due to injuries, such as junior Kalen Walker and freshman Simone Diby, the Phoenix fell short as the Judges took the win 63-21.

At the start of the first quarter, the Phoenix kept up with the high intensity the Judges started out with. After a few three-pointers were made by their opponents; however, the Phoenix stumbled slightly. Keeping the Phoenix in the game as best as she could, freshman point guard Eryn Chemoiwa took charge, consistently driving to the basket and calling out plays to help her teammates get into formation. “Eryn definitely brings a lot to the team,” senior shooting guard and co-captain Cora Bowen said. “She brings the ball up and down the court, she creates plays, and she’s a freshman so she’s going to be here for a while.” Nevertheless, Chemoiwa’s efforts were halted by the Judges dominant offense as the Phoenix ended the quarter down 26-2.

Attempting to stay on pace with their opponents in the second quarter, the Phoenix had several close shooting attempts, as well as additional free throw points from Chemoiwa and co-captain senior center Isabella Lopez to add to their tally. However, the hard-fought battles of the quarter ended with the Phoenix down by a margin of 40-9. As one of the team’s leaders, Lopez took note of what caused the team to fall behind at times. “What doesn’t work for the team is learning plays on the fly,” Lopez said. “We cannot just implement something new in the middle of a game, we need [some] sort of practice with it first.” This unfortunate trend continued for the Phoenix, as they ended the third quarter with a gain of only three points, concluding it behind the Judges 52-11.

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However, motivated to finish strong, the Phoenix refused to go down without making an impact, starting the fourth quarter with a new energy. After another set of free throws from Chemoiwa and some plays in the paint by Lopez and Bowen, the Phoenix put up their most points out of any other quarter of the game, with a gain of 10. While this last-minute run boosted their score, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the game, as they ended with the Judges claiming victory 63-21.

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Tanishka Enugu
Tanishka Enugu, Editor In Chief
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Shaila Patel, Website Coordinator
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