Baig Swan Song: Thank You Rock Ridge

Sarah Baig, Photo Editor

Thank you MSA for introducing a Muslim community to me at school. For giving me a place to grow and learn leadership qualities. You taught me the importance of good friends and surrounding yourself with people who bring you closer to God. Although we went through a lot with the events, competitions, and celebrations, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. 

Thank you Lacrosse for giving me a second family. For giving me something new to try. I never would have thought I would be playing a sport in high school, but now I am forever grateful I was forced to. I learned teamwork and strengthened my problem solving skills. My leadership qualities grew as I was named captain and took on more responsibilities. I’m forever thankful for the bus karaoke and celebrations after every goal. 

Thank you to My Family for supporting me throughout the questionable decisions I made throughout high school. From helping me with random projects at 2 am, to getting boba to get my mind off school, I can’t thank them enough. For giving me old study guides and teaching me an entire unit in one night; for coming to every random school event, lacrosse game, and party to do nothing but be there for me — I don’t know how to repay you for everything you’ve sacrificed for me.

Thank you Storm for being my furry best friend. For listening to me whenever I need to rant (even if you don’t want to), for being the best cuddlebug and being with me all the time even when the only thing you want is food,  and for being the best sight for sore eyes — thank you. 

Thank you Technical Difficulties for being the best friend friend group someone could have in high school. For always being there for me and supporting me in my delusions. For going to every football game, basketball game, and soccer game with me. For getting ready and taking photos at homecoming dances and prom dances. From trying different cuisines to dancing to just dance in the basement,  these memories are ones I’m going to cherish forever. 

Thank you ADAMS for being my place to find peace in a world full of dramatics. For bringing me back to my religion when school took over my life. For introducing me to many people and helping me make connections that I can use in the long run. For giving me endless opportunities and volunteer hours. For helping me understand others, teaching me gratitude and empathy. I can’t thank you enough for being the best place for me to grow in. 

Thank you Pop Culture for keeping me entertained,  getting me distracted from my schoolwork and hooked on something new everyday. For being the best topic of conversation. For being the reason I am so close to my friends today. For keeping me up with what’s going on in the world and simply just keeping my head away from school.

And finally…

Thank you Newspaper for being the best class I’ve taken in high school. For teaching me things I never knew I would ever know. For increasing my skills in photography, writing, and speaking. For giving me friends that I will keep for eternity. From being placed into it by accident, to being the first person to take it all four years of highschool, the endless laughs, drama, and friendships will stay in my heart forever.