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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Heat is On: Sophomores Battle the Seniors at Phoenix Pheud

On Friday, Feb. 23, the senior’s red team and sophomore’s gray team competed against each other in a Family Feud-style event in the auditorium. During the “commercial breaks,” senior superlatives were announced.
Dayanna Anton
Senior host Maggie Miller explains to the audience how the Pheud will go as the game will be based on which team will get the points by answering the questionnaires; as the crowd awaits for the event to start, both teams listen and ready themselves for the questions. As the event moved on, senior superlatives were announced based on student votes.

As the host starts reading the question for everyone to hear, the students hold their breath ready to press the button before their rival does to give their team the chance to win. The event held on Feb. 23, Phoenix Pheud, was hosted by the SCA Executive President, senior Maggie Miller. Miller asked both the red and gray team Family Feud-style questions, and in between each question, the senior superlatives were announced. Family Feud questions are typically questions that the average person can answer. They have a survey done, and if an answer is very common it will be higher on the board. 

For the teams to be chosen, students from each grade had to fill out a form, put their team members in it, and hope their group got chosen. The sophomores and seniors were eventually chosen to compete and were named the “red team” and “gray team.” The gray team consisted of the team captain Angel Labosette, and his teammates

Lucas Wilsey,  Sid Donthireddy, and Ronit Mhatre. The red team had team captain Kyle Cornell, and teammates Tanishka Enugu, Shaila Patel, and Shoumik Bisoi.

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Before the competition, both teams had the chance to have a “practice round,” where they would get asked questions that had the same format as the actual game, to get a feel of the intensity that was to come. “We did two [practice rounds], one during the advisory block and a

nother right before,” Cornell said. “I think the first one was a bit rough just because I don’t think a lot of us were familiar with the type of questions that were going to be asked. I think the day of the event, because we practiced more, [we were] more quick with our answers.”

Although the groups had practice rounds, their competition was very different as it was in front of the entire school, but the contestants pushed through and managed to keep their composure. “I was nervous at first cause there were a lot of people but I got used to it because of being with my friends and just [throughout] being in the competition,” Wilsey said.

While at the event,  senior superlatives were announced by categories such as “most likely to win a Grammy” or “best laugh” after each round of questions.

In the end, the battle was tough for the teams, and while the sophomores had won the first few questions, the seniors ended up catching up and taking the win by three points with a final score of 224-221. “It was a really fun event and I’m glad I got to be a part of it even though my pants kept falling,” Labosette said. “I’m grateful for the experience and I’m very happy with the way we did; even though we didn’t win, we got close. [The final score] was three points off and I think we did great as a team.”

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