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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Phoenix Stand Strong Against the Lightning’s Thunder

On March 11, the Phoenix girls soccer team played their first game of the season against the Lightridge Lightning Bolts. While they played hard in the first half, the Phoenix had to step up their game to match the Lightning’s new energy in the second half. In the end, the Lightning won the match 5-0.
Bella Gerardi
With the energy and effort the Bolts were bringing to the game, the Phoenix had to step up and match them to make it through their first game of the season. Many of the girls on the team, including freshman Nazly Rostom, have been playing soccer since their childhood and have grown a love for the sport as a result. “It was fun to see how we actually played in a [real] game,” Rostom said. “Even though the outcome was not what we were hoping for, I’m still happy we got to play together.”

On March 11, The Phoenix girls soccer team geared up for a competitive match against the Lightridge Lightning bolts. During some back and forth gameplay in the first half, both teams were evenly matched; countering each other’s advances. Despite the 1-0 lead the Lightning took in the first half, the Phoenix still fought with all their strength till the end. However, the Bolts prevailed, winning with a final score of 5-0.

As the first half was underway, the kickoff allowed the Phoenix to gain an early lead with the ball in possession. Both teams clashed, but the Lightning were able to keep the ball from progressing towards their goal. Sophomore Mackenzie Cooper was able to capitalize off of the Lightning’s mistakes. After each pass the Bolts tried to make, Cooper was able to intercept and dribble the ball away. “One of my close friends plays on the other team,” Cooper said. “It was a very good competition because everyone was really fired [up] and wanted to win.”

Around ten minutes into the game, the Lightning were able to push through the Phoenix’s defense and make their way to the goal. After a few saves by both players and the goalie, the Lightning made the first goal of the night. This brought the score to 1-0, with the Lightning in the lead. The score stayed consistent until the end of the first half.

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The second half began after a ten minute half-time, and both teams clashed with rejuvenated energy. The Phoenix came back strong, and started taking advantage of the Lightning’s fouls and mistakes. Senior Kim Trieu noted that her team had to work extra-hard to make sure their coordination was the best it could be. “There’s a lot of younger freshmen and sophomores [this year],” Trieu said. “So we had to make sure they knew our style of play and what position to be in.”

Despite the defense and pressure from the Phoenix, the Lightning scored multiple goals throughout the second half of the game. In the end, the Phoenix lost 5-0 after a long struggle. Although they didn’t get the outcome they wanted, the Phoenix remained strong as a team. “It’s a fun environment to be in,” Cooper said. “It’s [not just] a sport, [but also] like hanging out with friends.”

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Bella Gerardi, Staff Writer
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