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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Metro Boomin’s New Album is Boomin’ with Undeserved Hate

On April 12, Metro Boomin released a collaborative album with Future. The album is a sequel to their first collaborative album, “We Don’t Trust You.” It contains 25 tracks and features many artists, ranging from The Weeknd to Lil Baby.
The album cover of “We Still Don’t Trust You” features Metro Boomin standing next to Future. The album cover hints at the theme of money, due to the extensive jewelry the rappers wear. Album cover via Freebandz.

Metro Boomin’s new album with Future is an “Amazing” collaboration. On April 12, Metro Boomin released his second collaborative album with Future, “We Still Don’t Trust You.” The album consists of 25 tracks,  which many reviewers consider to be an overwhelming tracklist. Since Metro Boomin is one of the most respected producers in the hip-hop industry, and the face behind many hit songs with artists like Drake and Don Toliver, this album made waves in internet discourse.

Metro’s last collaborative album with Future, “We Don’t Trust You,” received a 64/100 by Metacritic, a relatively better score than the new album, “We Still Don’t Trust You,” which received a 5/10 from Clash Music and a 3/10 from Sputnik Music.  Critic Robin Murray from Clash Music felt that the album was very inflated in terms of tracks. Follow-up [of the previous album, ‘We Don’t Trust You,’] ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ features many of the positives and negatives behind the original — a huge feature is included, but if anything, it’s even more bloated,” Murray said.

The album follows several generic hip-hop norms: money, a lavish lifestyle, and relationships with women. In the song “Out of My Hands,” Future raps about his lifestyle throughout, evident with the lyrics, “Went through the islands, went through stylin’, b****, I went with stallions.”  

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Although the album does follow the norms in terms of its lyrics, the album does have unique beats. The song “Beat It” has slow, almost eerie beats that pair perfectly with the lyrics, making this song one of the best in the album. The song then speeds up, almost allowing us to visualize an eerie setting around us, and then it slows down for emphasis on Future’s verses. This is not the case with the song “Crossed Out,” however, which features generic trap music with lyrics about money and women.

The album can improve in many ways, although it isn’t as bad as professional reviewers claim. Both artists can focus on making their lyrics more unique, rather than expanding it by adding more tracks. The album had an astonishing 25 tracks; however, Metro could’ve focused on a smaller number of songs and making those beats more creative. He also could’ve focused more on his personal story, rather than talking about money, islands, and women. By doing this, Metro’s status as a legendary producer and songwriter would be preserved, in addition to Future’s status as one of the best rappers of all time.

When going back to the Clash Music’s and Sputnik Music’s reviews, the average score of 4/10 is not deserved. The album is better than its sequel, presenting better beats and having more tracks, which could be considered a blessing, rather than a curse. The album does have music that is unique from the rest of the industry, including the “#1.” The song talks about Future’s influence as a rapper, which is not something that many albums feature. All in all, the album is great, featuring many popular artists, although it receives undeserved hate. Some of the comments are reasonable, but the scores it received aren’t accurate, and the score should be a 6/10, rather than a 4/10. Maybe Metro’s next album can hit “#1” on the charts.

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