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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


Students and Parents Prepare to Rise with Rock Ridge

On Thursday, April 18, parents of students attending Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School and Stone Hill Middle School gathered at the “Pathways To Success Night” to discuss the students’ preparation for high school success.
Sruthi Vivek
Speaking into the microphone, Principal John Duellman speaks to the parents of rising fifth-grade and eighth-grade students.

On Apr. 18, students from the neighboring schools, Rosa Lee Carter and Stone Hill Middle School, visited Rock Ridge High School to gain a sneak peek as to what their children’s high school career could look like. The event started at 6 pm, with Rock Ridge Principal John Duellmen expressing his gratitude to all of the attendees while also giving a summary of the information that would be presented. 

 Stone Hill Middle School Principal Rohini Tohan took the mic along with the eighth-grade dean Jonathan Kasman. Tohan spoke about how her role as a school principal affects her everyday life, and the large transition the students go through when they do eventually cross the threshold of middle school into high school. Along with this, Tohan also navigated amongst the different levels of learning and how much time and effort they take into each and every student’s education. After passing the microphone to Kasman, he added to the importance of balance in a school environment. 

Phoenix Student Support Advisor Elizabeth Bush, and Director of School Counseling Kevin Terry went back and forth letting the attendees know who they were and what they did throughout their time at the school. Both figures spoke about how they helped make the school environment a better place for student achievement. One of their most memorable moments occurred when both cracked a few jokes to lighten the environment and mood of the audience. 

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Last but not least, Kathryn Blessing, Rock Ridge High School’s Testing Coordinator, introduced herself as well as the student panel that would be taking the stage. Some of the students featured included seniors Tanishka Enugu and Brian Tran, juniors Kailyn Fetterman and Finn Hagler, and freshmen Kaushal Kalluri and Anika Dureja. Selected by Bradley Burzumato, Rock Ridge High School’s Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator, each of the students was given the opportunity to speak on the entire topic as well as give their own opinion coming from a student perspective. 

Fetterman felt strongly about student engagement in extracurricular activities. “I told them that they should do what they’re passionate about, even if it’s not the most practical,” Fetterman said. “At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your work and your life, and also you shouldn’t load yourself up with crazy hard classes.”  Fetterman actively participates in the school’s theater program which takes up a large portion of her time. Along with working a part-time job, she is active with school activities while still managing to find the time to hang out with friends and family.

Hagler spoke to the audience about the importance of balance throughout their high school careers. “I told them to have fun,” Hagler said. “School can be kind of stressful, but if you can take a moment and realize that you are with your friends, you should have fun.” He expressed that students entering high school should not worry too much about specific grades and emphasized a balanced academic schedule and creating memorable connections with teachers and peers.

Tran emphasized to the group that it was important to take time to really plan ahead for the future. “I talked a lot about my experiences on how I overcame challenges at this school and how my extracurriculars influenced what I am going to do in the future,” Tran said. “Always be looking ahead, because you always have to be prepared for the future and ready for what’s going to come.” He spoke about his love for computer science and how his talents helped him become a positive role model at Rock Ridge. Tran urges rising high school freshmen to explore their passions and find what interests them.

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