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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


‘The 10th First Draft’: Lit Mag Celebrates a Decade of Production

On the afternoon of May 2, the members of the Art and Literary Magazine went around the school during advisory to distribute their 10th Literature magazine featuring the creative works of their fellow peers. The theme for this year’s magazine was “The 10th First Draft.”
Melissa Waas
After a year of collecting artwork and written pieces, and long design work nights, members of the Art and Literary Magazine, “The Renaissance,” distributed the issue’s 10th volume on May 2 during advisory. The magazine featured everything from poems and short stories to photos and artwork, all surrounding the theme of “The 10th First Draft.”

On May 2, members of the Art & Literary Magazine distributed copies of their 10th publication of “The Renaissance” to the student body during advisory. Following the theme “The 10th First Draft,” this year’s magazine featured student artwork, written poems, short stories, and photography. Submissions were selected from a pool of art and literary pieces submitted to the magazine throughout the course of the year.

 The Lit Mag members spent a year working on their publication to share beautiful art with the school community. From advertising their publication to selecting a theme, then choosing pieces, and finally designing the magazines, the Lit Mag club was able to produce a high-quality issue to share with the student body.

The Lit Mag started the year by deciding on a theme and advertising for their magazine by hanging posters with QR codes around the school, informing the student body about the opportunity to have a chance to be published by submitting written works or drawn illustrations to the Lit Mag. As submissions were rolling in, members chose what pieces would make the cut by putting them on a scale of “yes,” “maybe,” or “no,” and decided what pieces fit the theme the best.

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As the Managing Editor of the Lit Mag, junior Divya Maddinenini was heavily involved in the process of choosing the theme and selecting pieces that would fit in well. “At the beginning of the year, we have a brainstorming session; everyone comes up with a couple of different themes and then we vote on our favorite ones,” Maddinenini said. “[The theme is] very vague. There are a lot of factors that go into [whether a submission is going to get accepted]; we’ll [also] take pieces that do not fit the theme. There are also pieces that are a bit on the nose.”

This year, the magazine experienced a shift in leadership as one of the co-sponsors, English teacher Katy Greiner, left for maternity leave towards the beginning of the second semester. Co-sponsor and AP English Literature teacher Susan Spengeman enjoyed taking over the leadership of the magazine and worked with the Editor-in-Chiefs to ensure the production of the magazine ran smoothly. “My role is to be there, to support the students, and to help them with the process, because it’s all student-created; they decide what pieces make it in, they decide the design, and I’m just there to guide and supervise,” Spengeman said. “I did Newspaper for the first nine years of my career, and I loved it. I took a step back from it [because] it’s a huge time commitment, so Lit Mag was a way to get involved with [the same process], but not the same mass of commitment.”

Initially, the Lit Mag members struggled with the absence of one of their sponsors while publishing the magazine, but such an obstacle didn’t stop them from finishing the publication and enjoying themselves in the process.

Junior Samhita Bellary has been part of the magazine for three years and loves to design spreads and submit to the publication in hopes of seeing her art and writing published. “I really like English and I really like reading other people’s pieces,” Bellary said. “It’s really fun because I get to see a lot of different pieces, and I get to see a lot of different perspectives; it’s really interesting. [I submitted my work because] I just wanted to be part of that crowd [of people who submit to the magazine]. It’s just a nice thing seeing everyone contributing just to get their name onto something. I just want to show what I have.”

The publication of the 10th volume of the Art and Lit Mag was a success, featuring a multitude of selected works that best fit the theme “The 10th First Draft.” 

Copies of the magazine are available in rooms 1400 and 1606 and are available to view on Lit Mag’s website!

The 10th issue of the Art and Literature Magazine, “The Renaissance,” features a multitude of works from across the student body, all embodying this year’s theme, “The 10th Draft.”
(Sitwat Mian)

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Sitwat Mian
Sitwat Mian, Graphic Editor
Sitwat is a junior, and the Graphics Editor for the Newspaper. She enjoys art and is excited to create graphics for the staff this year. When she’s not frantically worrying about school, you can find her listening to music, spending time with her family, and eating. She is probably the most unathletic person you will ever meet, and has the memory and attention span of an Ostrich. Ultimately, Sitwat hopes for another creative and successful year in Newspaper.
Sruthi Vivek
Sruthi Vivek, Sports Editor
Sruthi Vivek is a sophomore and this is her second year on “The Blaze” staff. She is the Sports Editor, and she’s looking forward to all of the amazing things that the staff will accomplish this year. Sruthi plays for the Rock Ridge varsity basketball team, and she loves sports in general. She loves going to football games and hanging out with her friends at tailgates. When she’s not out socializing, you can usually find Sruthi in her room stressing about school work or watching TV shows. She’s also very passionate about art and loves to paint in her free time as well. Sruthi is a huge music fan, and you’ll usually find her listening to R&B and rap artists like Bryson Tiller, Drake, Travis Scott, and Tory Lanez. She originally joined Newspaper her freshman year because she loves to write and take pictures.
Melissa Waas
Melissa Waas, Video Editor
Melissa Waas is a junior who is the Video Editor for The Blaze. Waas has a place in her heart for making films with her two sisters, who also love to make craft and movie projects.  Originally from France, Waas moved in 8th grade, and she loves being part of the Rock Ridge community, where she is also involved in PEER and is one of the WINGS mentors.

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