Opinion: Girl Sports are Here Too!

The majority of the time, male sports gain significantly more attention than female sports. Although this may not seem like a big deal in high school athletics, having support can not only boost a team’s morale but also their performance.


Bella Strano

Throughout the school year, female sports often face lower attendance compared to male sports. Students should be supporting their fellow peers to help them to aim for victory.

Throughout high school, students become involved in all types of extracurricular activities, such as clubs, theater, music, and, of course, sports. Although sometimes it may become difficult to show up for our fellow Phoenixs, we should try to make time when we are available. This is so we can support each other and the school.

Despite students coming to support our players, the support between girls and boys games can be found remarkable when compared side by side. Oftentimes, male sports have more supporters than females. Because of this, female sports often do not receive the same attention as males may receive. 

This isn’t simply a problem for high school athletics. Although women represent over 40% of players, they were given less than 10% of media coverage in March 2022 according to Buick. In 2019, the coverage on Sportscenter concentrated 95% towards men’s sports. 

Closer to our home turf fields, the lack of recognition is especially obvious through the appearance of crowds in high school sports. Although both genders play the same sports, the difference between the two when compared side by side still differs greatly. Majority of the time, students show up for male sports rather than female ones. Various players, such as Kalen Walker, feel that males have most of the attention, despite playing the same sport. From an outsider’s perspective, it may not seem like a huge difference; however, from the perspective of a player, the difference is extremely significant. Sometimes, when students do not show up for games, it can affect the performance of players. This is because they may feel that “it’s not worth playing.” With personal experience, sophomore soccer player Kalen Walker points out the difference in the attention between boy and girls sports. They bring up issues of the attendance of students at various games, such as basketball and soccer.  “It’s like nothing compared to how the boys get, nothing compared at all,” Walker said. Although various students still continue to play sports despite the lack of support, having those crowds can help the morale of a team. According to  Indeed, players become more confident in their abilities when they feel supported by their peers..

Although female games may not get as many supporters, some students do still attend their games. However, they often do not pay attention to what’s going on. Because of this, it puts the morale of players down, setting a negative mood for the rest of the game. “If we play before the boys games, there will be a little bit of a crowd, but not really as hype as the boys.” Walker said, “So, it’s like they’re basically just sitting there watching on their phone.” Though there are people supporting, simply attending isn’t enough. Students should hype up their peers for them to succeed. By doing so, it can set a better mindset for players in game, which in turn helps them with their performances. 

All sports, regardless of the genders of the players, should be supported throughout the year. As a school, we should be cheering on one another in order to succeed. When we do not have the support of those around us, it can cause a decline in our efforts. However, if more peers were to show up to these games, it would benefit female players to continue playing the sports they enjoy. Individuals shouldn’t base their support merely on the gender of the player. Although some may believe that the skill set differs based on gender, these students are participating in the same sport. We shouldn’t let minor mindsets like this push us back from raising support for the girls. 

Though the cost may make it difficult for students to attend both male and female sports games, at least coming out to support the girls teams sometimes throughout the season may be beneficial. Most of the time, students stir away from cheering on our female players. However, we can make a difference in showing up. For example, in double headers basketball games, boys and girls games are typically held one after another. Staying for both games can help show support to all players. This not only helps the players by motivating them to continue having a good game, but also supports both teams. “You’re paying $7 for two games, so go to the girls game,” Walker said. “Like, what’s stopping you?”