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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


A Simple Solution for School: Student Workplace Environment

It’s easy to lose motivation when it comes to schoolwork, especially with the difficult courses that one may be taking. The secret to changing the negative mindset starts with something as simple as the very setting that is used to complete school tasks and assignments.
Sitwat Mian
Your workplace at home greatly impacts your productivity and efficiency when it comes to school. An effective workplace leads to a focused mindset and an increase in motivation, and a place where you feel comfortable and productive is important especially when having to juggle different life aspects.

School, am I right? The motivation it takes to drag yourself out of bed and finish schoolwork is insane, but what if I tell you that the secret to finishing everything in time is in your very room: your desk.

The first step in changing your routine starts with the very place you sit down for hours and complete whatever it is you need to do. It’s important to have a workplace where you feel comfortable and productive. Of course, that all depends on varying factors such as your age and courses. 

According to Forbes, students of different ages have different needs and criteria that are important to evaluate when finding a nice homework environment for them to work. Psychologist Bev Walpole shared insight on the conditions that limit the productivity of children in high school. “They’re looking for organized study spaces that offer efficiency and utility,” Walpole said. “When planning their spaces, it’s important to consider whether they’ll be an all-in-one room for sleep, study, lounging, gaming and mindfulness.”

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Walpole found that it can also be a challenging time for older kids, which is an important factor to consider when finding an effective study environment. They may be struggling with a lack of motivation, feelings of isolation, and digital distractions. Adolescents are at a stage where they are striving for more autonomy,” Walpole said. “They may resist the idea of a structured study space at home, viewing it as a restriction on their freedom.”

Junior Tanvi Tummala likes to work at her kitchen table. “If there’s people around, I feel more motivated than when I’m alone,” Tummala said. “I like to sit with my parents or my dad, when he’s also working, because then I feel more productive.”

A productive study environment will often limit distractions to help one stay focused. According to Phys.org, at younger ages, it is easier to get distracted and stray away from school work and practice. Research from the Gonski Institute for Education finds that nine out of ten parents believe that digital devices are negatively impacting their lives, and 83% of parents think that they negatively impact their children’s lives as well.

Pasi Sahlberg, deputy director of the Gonski Institute for Education suggests that the worst finding is that one-third of families allow for children to use their devices past bedtime. Three out of five students who are struggling in school, routinely sleep with their electronics. Sixty-five percent of parents feel that they can’t talk to their children about the consistent use of technology at home due to the conflicts that the conversation arises.

According to Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing, some of the best ways to limit distractions are:

  1. Remove unnecessary items in one’s study space that aren’t essential to the task at hand.
  2. Use noise-canceling headphones if you need a quiet space.
  3. Remove electronic devices: switch phones to silent and turn off notifications on any other electronics.
  4. Take breaks: timed breaks away from your study space help to refresh the mind.
  5. Reduce internal recurring thoughts.
  6. Move around while studying.

There are a lot of things one can do to have the perfect study space for themselves. According to Herzing University, some factors to consider are location, organization, lighting (yes, even this can be crucial to staying on task), planning, noise, and study sessions.

With the start of the second semester, and AP exams around the corner, an efficient workplace has never been more necessary. Therefore, it is essential to create a place where you feel comfortable and productive to help assist the creation of a positive mindset towards schoolwork, even when it seems impossible.

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About the Contributor
Sitwat Mian
Sitwat Mian, Graphic Editor
Sitwat is a junior, and the Graphics Editor for the Newspaper. She enjoys art and is excited to create graphics for the staff this year. When she’s not frantically worrying about school, you can find her listening to music, spending time with her family, and eating. She is probably the most unathletic person you will ever meet, and has the memory and attention span of an Ostrich. Ultimately, Sitwat hopes for another creative and successful year in Newspaper.

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