Phoenix Band Delivers Breathtaking Performance with Help of Stone Hill Band

On Dec. 7, the Phoenix and Stone Hill bands collaborated to deliver an inspiring performance. The performance provided a chance for future Phoenix to gain the experience of a high school band.


Divya Iyer

Trombone player senior Tj Lynch performs during the first half of the concert.

Divya Iyer, Abby Welch, and Jackson Mitchell

The band concert on Dec. 7 was a work of art. The  collaboration of the Stone Hill and Phoenix band worked beautifully together and was an enjoyable experience for everyone present. Conductors Justin Radcliffe, Robyn Lawrence, and Andrew Giada led the show well and ensured everything went smoothly. 

For this performance, the Stone Hill Middle School band was able to perform alongside the Phoenix band. The show began with a short yet sweet compilation of songs that were performed perfectly. It was a great night of middle schoolers being able to see the type of music they will be playing in the upcoming years, and band teacher Justin Radcliffe even spoke to the audience about the variety of opportunities there are in highschool for a middle school band student. 

The songs that they performed included  “Ancient Hunters” and “Guardians of Liberty;” meanwhile, the wind ensemble played “Scramble” and “Alamo” for the crowd. All the songs were beautifully played with skill that could be seen throughout the whole concert. 

“I’m really excited for this performance since I haven’t been on stage for band in a really long time,” sophomore Logan Molina said. He  looked forward to playing the song “Guardians of Liberty,” on his trumpet.“Guardians of Liberty is going to be the best part of the show for sure, we have it down perfectly down to every instrument.” He was nervous about the performance of “Ancient Hunters,” however.  “I was unsure about it leading up to the show,, but I think we pulled around for the performance,” Molina said after the show.

Following Stone Hill, the Phoenix band was able to swiftly transition and maintain the lively energy of the performance. With the mixed crowd, it was a fun time for both middle and high schoolers. Some of the band members say that the diversity is their favorite part of the program.“[My favorite part about the band is getting] to play with a lot of different people,” sophomore Arun Jannupreddy said. 

“I felt really nervous before performing,” saxophone player junior D’Amora Brunson said, “[but], I was really proud of the performance that we gave.” Furthermore, Brunson found that the most important part in creating this event was the community. “The community is really uplifting and we encourage one another even if we mess up,” Brunson said.

The band concert was a great success and learning experience for the Stone Hill students aspiring to be  Phoenix band members, and it was a fun experience for the high school students to show off their skills to the audience.