‘Oh My God:’ Adele Releases Music After Six Years

Adele releases her fourth studio album, “30,” after six years of not releasing any music.


Adele via Website

“Easy On Me” received over 60.7 million on the first day of the release. The album came in sixth among all-time global debuts on Spotify for female singers. She also outsold the rest of the top 50 best selling albums in America.

Sruthi Sakala, Business Manager

Adele’s latest music release was almost six years ago, which felt like an eternity for her fans. She shocked the world with her new album“30,” released on Nov. 19, where Adele tells a story of maturity and motherhood, different from her previous albums. 

“30” had the biggest album premiere of any album released in 2021 with 839,000 equivalent album units. Adele beat the previous record set by Drake’s “Certifiable Lover Boy,” which had 613,000 last September. It also came ahead of Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version),” which had the second-biggest debut, but was pushed to third.

The arrival of this album showed us how much Adele has grown, both personally and musically. Her new music is significantly more personal and sounds more ferocious than ever. She seems more alive to her own feelings and shaping the songs to reflect those feelings. 

“I always say that ‘21’ doesn’t belong to me anymore. Everyone else took it to their hearts so much. I’m not letting go of this one,” Adele said of  “30” in the November issue of Vogue. “This is my album. I want to share myself with everyone, but I don’t think I’ll ever let this one go.” 

When she first announced the album’s release and it’s lead single “Easy on Me,” she confirmed the album would be personal like her other albums such as “21.” Because of this, every lyric and note has fans carving a spot into their heart.

Adele shares with her audience her personal life story: talking about her life since the latest album, including her divorce her new son, Angelo.

The main single, “Easy On Me,” is the first of many times she calls for grace on “30,” for herself, her divorce, and her son Angelo. “My Little Love” is one of the few songs that pass the six minute mark. At the end, she includes a voice note where she admits for the first time in years that she feels really lonely.

Towards the middle of the album, Adele dips into more contemporary sounds, especially on “Oh My God” where she sings about fulfilling her needs without shame. “30” ends with “Love Is A Game” where in short it says that love is for fools, and Adele is a fool.

This album is hers from start to finish, and it’s a journey for those willing to join her. It’s more like a therapy session rather than an album, allowing for listeners to sympathize and express their heartfelt ache through words. 

“30” is consistent and has a great flow, both thematically and musically. The album showcases Adele’s hard work and hardships.