School Board Meeting declares new policies such as Autism Acceptance Month.

At the March 22 school board meeting, April was declared Autism Acceptance Month as well as Month of The Military Child. Senior and Phoenix School Board Representative Ellie Schubert also spoke at the meeting to announce updates regarding DECA SLC results and Policy 8040 updates.


Lilly Khalkho

At the March 22 school board meeting, the board brought Rock Ridge student to represent the school.

Hylay Assefa and Jackson Mitchell

On March 22, the school board convened for their second monthly meeting, where school board member Brenda Sheridan shared the Month of The Military Child proclamation, effective April 1. “This month is to pay tribute to the military children and their families for the daily sacrifices they made, and for their commitment, courage, and unconditional support of our armed forces,” Sheridan said. Sheridan also addressed the 80,000 children in the commonwealth of Virginia whose parents serve in the military.

Another proclamation was shared by School Board Member Atoosa Reaser, which aims to recognize April as Autism Acceptance Month. Reaser shared how the Virginia Department of Education announced that there are 25,373 students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the county. Reaser said it is important to recognize students with ASD and April as Autism Acceptance Month. Item 11.06 ended with this document declaring April as Autism Acceptance Month. 

Senior Ellie Schubert represented Rock Ridge at the meeting, updating board members on how four of the Phoenix DECA teams placed first at the State Leadership Conference. She also spoke about how Rock Ridge students have shown gratitude for Policy 8040. “ [By] supporting members of our LGBTQ+ community because of [Policy 8040], Rock Ridge has been making events inclusive for everyone, and eliminating the need for gender in some of our most iconic titles,” Schubert said. Schubert explained how these changes are good for students who have felt like they are forced to label themselves in various ways in school.  

The next school board meeting will take place on April 5.