“M3gan” Has Gone Mad

On Jan. 6, Blumhouse production released their newest horror/thriller film “M3gan,” a film about a girl who lost her parents and made friends with a newly-designed robot made by her aunt.


Raza Hassan via Canva

To kick off the new year, Blumhouse released their first horror/thriller film of 2023. The audience found “M3gan” to be a sensational masterpiece with a score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Raza Hassan, Staff Writer

“M3gan” follows the story of Cady (Violet McGraw), a girl who lives with her aunt after she lost her parents in a car accident. Following the event, she moves in with her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) who is a technician. In an attempt to support Cady at all times, Gemma creates a model three generator and interactive robot she names “Megan,” but things end up turning in a different direction when M3gan becomes an enemy. 

This horror film portrays the advancements of technology that are constantly growing and how different aspects can cause various changes throughout the film. The close relationship between Megan and Cady reveals how robots and people are becoming very similar and how their relationship is gradually evolving. This was evident in the film when they showed Gemma’s inventions that she had created in the past years.  

The film had some very fascinating  references to technological advancements, showing a series of inventions that Gemma creates. This made the film more suspenseful than scary, as the plot revolved around technological advancements while also combining thrilling and suspenseful events. The film uses Megan to show how she can be a supporting character by making her have human abilities that other technology does not. However, it ties back to the significance of people and technological advancements working together by showing how Gemma’s technological advancements are very significant to her lifestyle.  

Megan is used as a way to help support Cady after the death of her parents. This affects Cady’s actions and relationship with Megan. The film continues to discuss how Megan and Cady are very close, disregarding the fact that she is a robot, and how this affects Cady’s actions by making her more aggressive and rude towards Gemma by using very harsh verbal and physical actions which triggers Gemma’s thought on making the doll.   

Overall, the film was fun to watch due to tons of fun dramatics and several jumpscares to add thrill. However, the plot could have been better if there were more horror aspects rather than just a robot malfunctioning. There definitely could have been more scenes that used more horror elements, but unfortunately, the movie mostly had gory scenes rather than actual jumpscares.   

Overall, the film definitely was fun to watch and the plot was okay, but not excellent, due to the fact that it just revolved around a killing doll. Although it  felt more like a comedy rather than a horror movie, it was very thrilling and fun because of the slightly scary scenes. I would give the film  a 5/10 because it was more funny and gory. It could have been more scary, but sadly it was not. 

“M3gan” is available to watch in theaters now.