“The Estate Sale” & The End of Tyler Baudelaire

Two years after the initial release of the album “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST,” Tyler, The Creator expands the project with “The Estate Sale,” adding eight new songs including features from A$AP Rocky and Vince Staples.


Album cover from Tyler Okonma

This album continuation represents the closing of Tyler’s Baudelaire era, his current alter ego to go along with “CMIYGL.” In the music video for “SORRY NOT SORRY,” fans get a glimpse of the past with each alter ego from Tyler’s entire discography.

Jackson Mitchell, Staff Writer

Two years and a grammy after “CMIYGL,” an extension of the album is both what fans were waiting for eagerly, as well as a dreadful disappointment. Since 2011, Tyler Okonma, also known as Tyler, the Creator, has released an album every two years without fail. That pattern stays true into this spring, leading many fans to believe that this deluxe is the music that we’re receiving from Okonma this year. The salt in the wound with this is that all eight songs were ones that simply did not meet Okonma’s standards to make the cut for “CMIYGL.” “The Estate Sale” was announced on March 27 via Twitter, with Okonma stating “Call Me If You Get Lost was the first album I made with a lot of songs that didn’t make the final cut […] some of those songs I really love, so I decided to put a few of them out.”

Whether or not this is the bi-annual album we normally receive, it’s no surprise that the songs were still incredibly made, despite them not making the final cut for “CMIYGL.” “The Estate Sale,” shines bright with features from loved artists such as Vince Staples on “STUNTMAN,” and A$AP Rocky on “WHARF TALK.” Going deeper than just the rapping, Okonma has the now infamous producer and rapper Kanye West making a silent feature on this album. West appears in  his production of the track “HEAVEN TO ME,” which utilizes John Legend’s 2006 song, “Heaven” to bring the audience a feel-good track to uplift the soul.

“HEAVEN TO ME” is also where Okonma shows a heavy appreciation to how far he’s come as an artist, and in life in general.  Directly following his lyrical question to the listeners, “What’s heaven to you, to y’all,” he paints a nostalgic picture for the audience: “This, this was heaven, like, as a kid, used to be the ‘preme hat in the green.” This is a bittersweet callback to his iconic green Supreme box logo cap, which he donned during the earlier days of his career, or, as stated previously, as a kid. Not only does this song deliver a nostalgia-filled line to longtime fans, it spreads the message that anybody can be anything, no matter where they come from. 

The message of where Okonma came from radiates like a star in the closing track, “SORRY NOT SORRY.” The music video opens with a slow opening curtain that reveals a gut-wrenching display of every character Okonma has put forth to the public with each album. Going further than just cameos, he has specific characters sing lyrics that associate with them the most. This is best seen in the line, “Sorry for the guys I had to hide, sorry to the girls I had to lie to,” sung by Flower Boy, an album that dealt heavily with Okonma’s acceptance of himself and who he loves. 

Throughout the two years and counting since “CMIYGL” released, the brilliance of the songs that fell short of the mark show how outrageously talented Okonma truly is. The only thing this deluxe left fans wanting was more music. Not to worry, for as DJ Drama tells us in the closing line, “I guarantee, another era is upon us.”