Setting the Record Straight

Mitesh Shrestha and Jordan Hudson, Editors

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Sprinting down the court, junior Ashley Dean outmanuvers Dominion High School defenders on her way to the basket. Dean and the girls varsity won their Nov. 29 seaon opener over DHS 51-35. Photo By Victor O’Neill Studios

A 2-15 record is just a series of numbers for the Varsity Girls Basketball team. That series of numbers doesn’t truly reflect the growth and lessons their young team has experienced. That series of numbers doesn’t define what the girls varsity basketball team has done in the past and what they continue to build today.

Part of the problem is inexperience, yet at the same time, it’s what makes this team’s future look so bright.  “Being a new team, it is hard to play up against  the varsity players at other teams because most of them are seniors and there a lot older, and we only have a couple of juniors,” junior Brooke Beaton said. However, having a young team also helps the players build for later seasons.

“Since we are a new team we get to work together, and are able to set the (foundation) for our team and (the program),” Beaton said.

While inexperience is a gradual improvement, poor shooting and turnovers are issues that the team hopes to resolve now. As the team continues to improve they already have their own individual strengths.

“I’d say we’re a defensive team, every game we’ve played so far no one’s really been able to get around our defense, they have to shoot from far out,” Dean said. “We have people who have real skills and are diverse, like Helen, she’s a good post player and can play different positions.”

As the season progresses, the team continues to develop itself for the next season, head coach Tom Brown has already seen growth with his team.

“We got the first road win in the three-year history of the program when we beat Manassas Park in December,” Brown said. “Our young players are getting calibrated to the varsity level, and they are gaining valuable experience.”

The path to success won’t be easy for Brown, but it’s all about continual growth every day.

“We have two wins so far, but we are measuring success in other ways,” Brown said. “We are trying to get better every day, win the drill in practice, win the practice, win the week. We are encouraged by our progress as the season progresses, Park View beat us by 35 early in the year, and we nearly beat them in the rematch.”

For now, their goals are simply to become a more consistent team.

“Our goal the rest of the season is to gain consistency over longer periods of games,” Brown said. “In the Valley rematch, we played 28 of the 32 minutes within 3 points of them, and in the Park View rematch, we outscored them by 3 in 28 of the 32 minutes.  If we can avoid the 4-minute stretches where the “wheels come off,” we will have more opportunities to get wins.”

While they are not without flaws, the players and coaches both believe that this is merely the beginning of what could eventually become a great team at RRHS.

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Setting the Record Straight