CLASH OF THE CLASSES: Don’t Stop Ball-ieving

On Oct. 18, seniors and juniors were pitted against each other in the second annual “Clash of Classes” kickball game. Towards the end of the game, seniors pulled through with a 9 point comeback, ending the game 16-7.


Sarah Baig

Senior Srikar Bangaru runs to homebase as the Juniors chuck the ball at him to get him out. “I wanted to play because it is my senior year and I want to make the most out of the opportunities I have left in high school to have fun and make memories,” Bangaru said.

Sarah Baig, Zahria Ford, and Nidhi Manchala

On Tuesday, Oct. 18,  seniors and juniors competed in the second annual clash of classes kickball game. Despite the chilly weather, the atmosphere was full of adrenaline, as both classes wanted to come out on top. 

The juniors started strong with powerful kicks and speedy sprints to the bases, creating a nice cushion between themselves and the seniors with a score of 5-0. As the game progressed, seniors stayed a couple points behind. At the beginning of the 6th inning, the score was 6-4, juniors still in the lead. Then, after a team huddle, a change in game plan resulted in a turn around for the seniors. 

“We started a strategy where we’d bunt the first [ball] to get a few people on the bases, and then we’d have one of our players kick the ball as far as they could to give the other players a chance to score,” senior Taylor Cheek said. This play allowed the seniors to eliminate the score gap, putting them ahead of the game ending the sixth inning 9-7. 

As the game gained a rhythm, seniors Ilias Cholakis and Brandon Kilfeather “made some great plays and kept the team hyped up, even when we were losing in the beginning,” Cheek said. 

The seventh inning grew more intense as the seniors were on a point streak. “The comeback felt amazing,” senior Srikar Bangaru said.  “Just as all of us gave up and the other students and teachers assumed the juniors would win, we went on a scoring run.” 

Seniors won the game with a comeback of 16-7. “It was a rather humbling experience,” junior Keyaan Bashir said.