Phoenix Redeem Themselves in Clash with Spartans

On Jan. 20, the Phoenix boys and girls varsity basketball teams went up against the Broad Run Spartans, aiming to redeem themselves from a loss during their last encounter on the court. The Phoenix boys prevailed with a final score of 58-49, and the girls lost with a final score of 52-34.


Iyush Hoysal

In the final moments of the boys varsity game, Phoenix coach Jay Geyer lays out a gameplan to lock the Spartans down on the defensive end of the court and prevent them from scoring.

Iyush Hoysal and Sarah Bataineh

On Jan. 20, the Rock Ridge Phoenix boys and girls varsity basketball teams went up against the Broad Run Spartans in one of the last double header games of the 2022-2023 season. After losing to the Spartans last season resulted in the missed chance to play at districts, the Phoenix were determined to win this time around.  

The Phoenix girls varsity team commenced the double header with a strong start, trailing by only five points by the end of the first quarter with a score of 12-7. Although there was a strong team effort, the Spartans dominated the court, scoring more and more as the clock ticked down, leaving no room for the Phoenix girls to react. The Spartans continued to keep the lead throughout the remainder of the game, and won with a final score of 54-34. The Phoenix girls took their loss graciously, and used it as an opportunity to find things they could work on.  “We wanted to beat them, but that didn’t happen,” junior Cora Bowen said. “I think we need to work on getting our bench to know the plays.” 

Looking for redemption from the girls varsity game, the boys quickly took the lead, scoring point after point while calling out plays midway through the possession. “One of our team’s biggest strengths is probably running the court, and just playing together,” sophomore Trey Fitch said. “When we play together, when we run the court, there is really no stopping us.” By the end of the first half, the Phoenix boys were up 29-22, and kept that momentum through the third and fourth quarters, winning the game with a final score of 58-49. 

As the game came to a conclusion, Phoenix fans erupted in the stands, celebrating yet another win added to the record books. Fans like junior Soraya Ahmed had speculated that the Phoenix boys would take the win, solely based on their performance during the first quarter. “They started the game strong and their spirits seemed high,” Ahmed said. “I kinda knew they were gonna win from the beginning.”

Proud of their performance as a team, the Phoenix boys celebrated as they made their way towards the locker room. “This was a game that we really wanted to lock in and focus on,” senior Nick Canfield, said. “To the returning guys, this was a big win, and that’s really all we wanted to accomplish.” 

Even with the victory, varsity boys Coach Jay Geyer still believes there is work to be done, especially on the defensive aspect of their gameplay. “We didn’t play perfectly against everything. I think probably the biggest thing would just be containing the ball in the middle of the floor,” Geyer said. “We tried to pressure them and get them out of what they do, but sometimes we overpressured in the middle, and they [got to] the basket.”

The next home game and double header will be senior night for the Phoenix on Jan. 31 against the Dominion Titans.