A Story Told Through A Cart

A cart filled with goodies such as school supplies (markers, paper, post-it notes, erasers, etc.), and different types of candy were pushed around the hallways every day for the teachers to take for their classes during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Aarohi Motwani and Sruthi Sakala

Teacher Appreciation week is a national event that celebrates the teachers’ hard work and the dedication they have for the wellbeing of their students. This year, there were many different activities and events for the teachers to participate in. Lunch from Moby Dick’s, the snack and supply carts that were pushed around, smoothies, breakfasts, and gift card raffles were all a part of this special week to thank our hardworking teachers. “I wanted the teachers to feel we care about them,” said PTSO board member and Teacher Appreciation Week organizer Lisa LaBianca. “We also wanted it to not be a hassle or be disruptive [for them] to participate in all these activities.”

Jordan Markwood

Aarohi Motwani

Excited to see the cart coming down the hallway, chorus teacher Jordan Markwook is excited to pick out goodies from the snack and supply cart. “I really liked [the snack cart],” Markwood said. “I honestly got a bunch of snacks and my study hall students proceeded to eat all of it, but I did get some butterscotch candies that I actually got to enjoy.”

Meghan Adair

Sruthi Sakala

Since  the supply cart was also present at the teacher appreciation breakfast that was held, social studies teacher Meghan Adair was so glad she still got to pick out supplies for her classroom. “We did the smoothies, the lunches, the breakfast, it was just all so nice,” Adair said. “When you pair it with all the stress of AP and SOL testing, it’s such a nice, bright spot in our day.”

Heathre Mills

Aarohi Motwani

As the cart enters the fine arts hallway, art teacher Heathre Mills examines the goodie-filled cart approaching her. “I really appreciated it,” Mills said. “I got a bunch of pencils and some sticky notes, which I use all the time in my classroom.”

Jennifer Virbikis

Aarohi Motwani

In the athletics hallway, athletic director Jennifer Virbikis looks through the delicious snacks that are provided on the snack and supply cart. “It was nice especially because it came to me towards the end of the day,” Virbikis said. “Especially because of the earlier lunch schedule, the end of the day drags on a little bit, and this really brightened up my day.”

Sara Watkins

Aarohi Motwani

English teachers Sara Watkins and Suzanne Dellinger pick out different snacks and supplies from the cart. “It’s nice to know that we’re appreciated and that there’s someone out there planning to give us all gifts and treats,” Watkins said. “I really appreciate what the PTSO does for us teachers.”