Final Senior Breakfast Ends With Decision Day

As seniors get ready to leave for college, they gathered together for their final senior breakfast, posing for photos in front of a screen showing the college of their choice.


Iyush Hoysal

During Decision Day, the school set up a screen with college names where students could go up and pose in front of the college they are attending.

On Friday, May 5, the senior class gathered in the main gym to celebrate the last Senior Breakfast of the year and participate in a long-standing tradition known as Decision Day.

Decision Day is usually on May 1, which is the deadline for high school seniors to decide what they will be doing after high school. For many seniors, Decision Day is also when they decide which college they will be attending. 

Already with their minds made  up, whether it was attending college, taking a gap year, or joining the military, seniors celebrated the end of a year full of application processes and tough choices. . Senior Jatin Talvai got accepted into Berkeley College in New York City. Talvai believes that because his application was full of community service hours he got into Berkeley. “[For Juniors], you’re going to hear this a lot, but make sure you have a spike in your application –that really pushes you into being a very unique applicant,” Talvai said. 

The breakfast started at 8:30 and lasted about an hour. It included a generous selection of drinks, fruits, and food such as donuts, granola bars, and muffins. 

In addition to the food provided by the parents and students, the Phoenix staff had set up a photoshoot for students to participate in, and seniors were able to request a backdrop of their college and take pictures with friends and family.

As the year comes to an end, seniors reflect on their time in high school and share their favorite moments. Senior Morgan Fowle’s favorite memory was with the swim team and building it back up after Covid.  “After its devisite in covid year, the swim team took a big hit because no one wanted to do any sports, and I helped build something coming back up,” Fowle said.

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