Phoenix Girls Lacrosse Celebrate Senior Night Against the Patriots

On May 9, the Phoenix varsity girls lacrosse team competed against the Park View Patriots and worked hard to make senior night special for their only senior, Sarah Baig.


Rachel Adams

Senior Sarah Baig holds surprise gifts from her teammates as a celebration of her senior night.

On May 9, the Phoenix girls lacrosse team and Patriots went head to head as the season came to an end. The game started off strong with a Phoenix goal, and the first half ended with the Phoenix down 6-4. Despite the score, freshman Srihitha Akula had a chance to shine with two goals on her part. “It [felt] good, they were my second and third goals of the season,” Akula said. It’s new, but it’s good.” The game continued as senior Sarah Baig and junior Sierra Bell both scored points to help the Phoenix hustle through the game. Despite their efforts, the Phoenix lost 15-7 against the Patriots.

It was also senior night for the Phoenix, and they celebrated their only senior, Sarah Baig, in various ways. “I feel kind of special being the only senior,” Baig said.

The entire team wore shirts with a collage of pictures of Baig in her youth and during her high school years, and they topped it off with a message on the pavement saying “Happy senior night Sarah.” They gave her many gifts and cheered her on during the walking of her senior night with her family. 

Baig has made a mark on this team and has inspired her teammates to become even better. “She shows dedication and commitment and is a good person,” Akula said “She is an example to everyone else.” 

Baig is determined to set a good example for her teammates. “Me and my co-captain, Sierra, try to do things right when the coach tells us, so that the team can see us and then follow,” Baig said.