Orchestra Spotlights the Seniors at Their Last Spring Concert

On May 17, the orchestra held their annual spring concert, where they recognized the seniors for their accomplishments and highlighted other students’ achievements by awarding them certificates.


Smrithi Balakumar

Senior Maya Guffey plays her cello during her last concert at the school. “It feels bittersweet,” said Guffey. “This will be my last concert after ten years of recitals and rehearsals, and it’s a little bit sad.”

After four years of hard work and dedication, the seniors in the orchestra program finally made it to their last concert of their high school career. On May 17, the spring performance showcased everyone’s talents and what they’ve been working on for the past two months.  

The orchestra performed three songs: “St. Paul’s Suite,” which had three parts — “Jig ,” “Intermezzo,” and “Dargason (Finale)” — composed by Gustav Holst, “Celtic Canon, ” composed by Pachelbel/Arr. Plohman, and “Toccatina,” composed by William Hofeldt. The audience in attendance enjoyed their performance. “This was my first time watching my sister perform,” junior Malavika Saritha’s brother, Advith Baiju, said. “I really enjoyed watching her and everyone perform the songs they’ve been working on.”

Lighting up the auditorium stage, the orchestra played almost thirty minutes of music that they’ve learned. “I had a great time performing up there as it was my last concert [of high school],” senior Ananya Manikandan said. 

The seniors also said many goodbyes to their fellow classmates and orchestra members, to their favorite orchestra director, and last but not least, the mark they have made on the school’s orchestra. “It’s so emotional because I’ve been playing with [senior Sarina Amiri] since we were in sixth grade,” Manikandan said. “It’s so sad that this is our last concert.”

Following the performance, the students received certificates for achievements they’ve had in competitions such as All State, Senior Regional Orchestra, Governor’s School of Performing Arts, and more. The orchestra has also earned the VMEA Blue Ribbon Award, which is the highest award given to school music programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

“I’ll miss them,” orchestra director Teresa Gordon said. “I’m sad we lost the time in person during quarantine, but I’m glad we got to get back together one last time [before they graduate].”

At the end of the concert, orchestra director Teresa Gordon congratulated the students who have won awards for Senior Regional Orchestra, Governor’s School of Performing Arts, All State Orchestra, All County Orchestra, and Solo and Ensemble Festival where students performed solo or as an ensemble. (Sruthi Sakala)