Ida Lee Park Hosts “Discovery Walk” in Honor of Park Day

The Ida Lee Park hosted a “Discovery Walk” on May 18 in which families participated and enjoyed exploring the park. Children answered a survey and competed for custom water bottles.


Rishi Sundaram

Ida Lee Park hosted a Discovery Walk in honor of Park Day. It lasted for 5 days, and consisted of a tour around the grounds of the site.

Rishi Sundaram, Staff Writer

In honor of the 12th anniversary of Park Day, Ida Lee Park hosted a Discovery Walk to allow families and friends to discover the many wonders of the outdoor site.

The walk took place from May 18 through May 23. “Children were excited to participate in this event and parents also enjoyed the outdoor activity,” Ida Lee Park Events Coordinator Lesley Green said. 

The trail guides showed interest in the walk and made sure all the families got to visit the places they wanted to see. “I was amazed by how the Discovery Walk was organized so well. Excellent job by everyone involved in making sure this event takes place,” said trail guide Kari Nancy.

Families were provided a Discovery Walk guide and map for their tour. There was also an activity for children to participate in. Participants used their map and were given clues to answer a series of questions. According to the Leesburg town website, the first 100  kids who answered the questions right received a custom water bottle. The child who answered the most questions correctly received a prize.

“The children are very intelligent,” Green said. “Many of them answered most of the questions correctly. There was only one winner for the grand prize, but on the bright side, almost all the children got a custom water bottle.”

Overall, the experience was thoroughly enjoyed by families and staff members. The families who participated in the event were amazed by how well the park was maintained. The children enjoyed the experience and got along very well. 

“I loved every part of the discovery walk,” Green said. “All the children were happy, and the staff did a phenomenal job guiding the families. The only challenge of this was the planning. Based on how everyone enjoyed it, the effort put into planning was worth it.”

The next event based on Park Day will be held next year, although it might not be the same format. The Ida Lee Park hopes to run another event which families can enjoy.