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The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


The Student News Site of Rock Ridge High School


A Dedication to the Deceased: Day of the Dead Bridges Generations

On Friday, Nov. 3, the Spanish department celebrated the Day of the Dead by decorating the library and creating artwork to display around the school. Preparations for the event started as early as Oct. 27, and students taking Spanish classes worked diligently to create drawings and art pieces to emphasize the colorful and vibrant atmosphere surrounding the Mexican holiday.
Sitwat Mian
Unlike many other parts of the world, Mexico celebrates death colorfully and cheerfully. The festival is focused on healing and understanding the fact that death is inevitable. “Usually, we go to the cemetery and visit family [members] that have passed away,” Spanish teacher Celia Nagle said. “We also bring flowers [to decorate their graves.]”

The start of November marks the start of the vibrant and culturally significant Mexican holiday: The Day of the Dead. Known as “Día de los Muertos” in Mexico, this two-day holiday celebrates the connection between the living and the deceased. 

The holiday generally begins on Nov. 1 at midnight and concludes on Nov. 2 at noon. On Nov. 1 at midnight, deceased children visit the real world. Their families and loved ones decorate their alters with toys, candy, and snacks. On Nov. 2, deceased adults are believed to visit the real world at midnight and their altars are decorated with “adult themes” such as alcoholic beverages. At noon, spirits of all the dead join in on the celebrations. 

Many Mexican families take this opportunity to honor their deceased family members by creating offerings and decorating altars. Some believe gifts or offerings encourage the deceased to visit the land of the living.

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The week before the school’s celebration of the holiday, Spanish teacher Celia Nagle encouraged her students to participate in various activities to recognize the Day of the Dead. “As a class, we’re splitting into groups and making a handmade item to contribute to the table of offerings,” sophomore Kaelyn Alimusa said. “In Hispanic culture, they celebrate their ancestors and make an offering table to honor them.” 

Students also participated in activities like cutting elaborate designs into sheets of tissue paper (El Papel Picado), designing and coloring skeleton heads/skulls (Las Calaveras De Azúcar), and framing pictures of lost relatives (Las Fotos). The classes worked in different groups and took on the responsibility of creating colorful decor to display on the altar (Ofrenda). 

Students were able to learn about Mexican culture and have fun while they helped set up for the event. “I’m having so much fun drawing [the Catrina],” sophomore Ainika Akuthota said. The Spanish classes that week were relaxed and intended to serve as a learning experience for students. 

Nagle emphasized to her students the significance of the holiday and why it’s important to celebrate it the right way. “It’s a special event because we are teaching culture to the students and what the Day of the Dead represents for us,” Nagle said. 

All of these preparations paid off on Nov. 3, as the library was decorated with numerous posters, paper candles, flowers, and artwork to honor the Mexican holiday. It was set up to be a walk-through event, where students could learn about Mexican culture and appreciate the significance of the Day of the Dead.


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