Phoenix Fall Short to the Titans in a Close Dulles District Matchup

On Sept. 13, the Phoenix girls volleyball team played a home game against the Dominion Titans. The game concluded in a Phoenix loss of 3 sets to 0.


Lucian Tiller

Eyes fixed on the ball, left side hitter junior Grace Tucker gets ready to spike the ball to the opposing team.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the Varsity girls volleyball team played a home game against the Dominion Titans, who had a 5-2 overall record. The Phoenix had a tough loss of 3-0. 

The first set was extremely close for both teams, as the score was consistently tied up. However, the Phoenix fell to the Titans with a score of 25-27. Despite a fight, the second set didn’t go as well for the Phoenix, ending with a Phoenix loss of 20-25. The last set of the match tested both teams’ defense and morale with great offensive hits and emotional fans in the stands. The set ended in a 25-16 loss for the Phoenix.

The new line-up and shift of positions may have contributed to the Phoenix’s loss against the Titans. “We weren’t next to people who we were used to being next to, and that messed with our team comradery,” junior Ava Tucker said. “I think we could have communicated better, because communication is when we do really well. We have the skill, we just need to talk [to each other].”

The loss was tough for the Phoenix, as it was only their second of the season. The girls have won seven out of nine games, making their record 7-2. “Overall, I think we could have done worse,” defensive specialist sophomore Lola Aguilar said. “Yes, it was a loss, but I think a loss is what we needed to get us to want to play better.” 

Outside hitter junior Sidney Powell felt like the energy was down, and that during the last set, it felt like they’d given up. “Some improvements for that game would be to adjust to their offense faster,” Powell said. “They were killing us with their serves, so we were not passing the best,” Powell said. “Most of our team has played together since the seventh grade [in the] Stone Hill Middle School volleyball team. We know each other so well, and we have built such a powerful bond on and off the court.”

The Titans and the Phoenix are two of the most prominent teams in the division, with a solid overall record. The Phoenix currently hold a 10-2 overall record. Although the unfortunate loss from the Stone Bridge Bulldogs and the current loss from the Titans seems to put them at a disadvantage, the Phoenix’s overall record places them second in Dulles District.